Megaseg to Power Radio, TV

Forest City, IA Oct 20, 2010 — Waldorf College’s communications department has been undergoing several important changes this year. One important change leading into the 2010/2011 school year was the upgrade of automation for, KZOW, the college’s student-run radio station. After several years of using Scott Studios SS32 (Google SS32), the station replaced their windows-based professional-grade system with the apple based, Megaseg “Advanced DJ and Radio Automation App.”

macbook with megasegThe decision to upgrade to a different system took place in early August of 2010, after KZOW spent part of the summer off air.  “[SS32] took a while to get used to,” Valerie Miller, Waldorf senior and Co-station manager of KZOW said, “[Megaseg] is much easier to teach people.”  Student reactions have also been positive since changing over, “It just flows better…” Aaron Olson, a KZOW DJ, had to say about Megaseg in contrast to the SS32 system.

Since KZOW has had such a positive experience with Megaseg, it has caught the attention of another campus media. Waldorf College student-run TV station, Wal-TV, has looked into its capabilities.  “Wal-TV was run from an iPod,” Tad Venzke, station manager of Wal-TV and Waldorf junior explained.  “We are almost 100% music videos, 24 hours a day.” Looking to improve the experience of keeping the playlist current, Megaseg became a viable option. “The iPod process was very mundane… it was time consuming and tedious,” Venzke continued, “Megaseg is as simple as download, import, and it’s done… It’s an amazing opportunity”

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