Graphic design is more than just meets the eye— it’s an understanding of how to communicate conceptually. The Graphic Design program at Waldorf teaches students how to take a wide range of elements, such as photography, illustration, color, and type, and work them together into a cohesive whole. In addition to skills training, the program examines the art of design from historical, critical and theoretical perspectives.

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Companies in nearly every industry require coordinated and ongoing public relations campaigns to achieve their goals. Students learn to write and implement social media, and explore the migration of social media across platforms, from customer experience, to online communities, to social networking.

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North Iowa Film Festival: Student-run Film Festival

The North Iowa Film Festival was founded in 2013 by Phillip Koolhoven and Carlos Ruiz. Their vision for the festival was to create an atmosphere of awareness to and recognition for independent filmmakers all across the nation to showcase their works.